Mar Mac Farms is a fourth generation family farm located southwest of Brandon, Manitoba. Starting the herd in 1955 with Black Angus, Mar Mac grew by adding Simmental genetics in 1976 and Red Angus in 1983. Working from then on to build a cowherd of 200 breeding stock. We feel these three programs complement each other well.


Our goal is to produce predictable, functional cattle that work in the real world. Our cows are not pampered, they are put on swath grazing and hay until January, then they are expected to calve on their own and re-breed on a roughage ration.

Our cowherd is culled annually on feet and legs, performance and fertility, if they do not measure up they are marketed. Embryo transplanting has been used extensively in our program using proven females that enhance the calf crop.

Our herd sires are selected for performance, ease of fleshing, docility and structural soundness. Brett McRae (McRae Land and Livestock) has expanded his program in the Angus calving in April /May. Brett will offer a top group of coming 2 year olds in the annual Bull Sale. These bulls are virgin bulls and developed specifically for this Bull Sale.


Here at Mar Mac Farms we are very involved in various livestock boards and keeping up with the livestock industry. We host our own bull sale annually on the farm in March and consign cattle in elite female sales across Canada. Along with our sales cattle are always for sale at the farm. We enjoy the cattle business, so please stop in for a visit or give us a call about our program.

We would love to get to know you as well.