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Canadian Red Promotional Society Red Round Up

October 19, 2019  |  Olds, Alberta

Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 17G

A fancy Red Angus heifer calf that has loads of potential ahead of her.  She is sired by the Franchise bull that was used to add calving ease to many programs. We are excited about the group of sons he has left at Mar Mac low birth weights but still some grow to them. 17G is out of one of our top Donor females Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z.  Just ask Bryan Mackenzie about Lady Trooper, she is always a favorite. With the performance in Lady Trooper and the calving ease of Franchise this has constructed a female with length of body and super feminine.  Think down the road what this sweet female will be like. Check out the Trooper 114Z embryos in this sale. A great way to start a new program with the proven Trooper genetics.

KOF 93F.jpg

Red Mar Mac Firststep 93F

137F is bred to Firststep

Red Mar Mac Mrs Young 137F

With Assassin’s popularity and a proven mother cow we felt Red Roundup was the event to market 137F. Mar Mac Farms likes to bring out females that we feel will work in the purebred and commercial industry to give you an idea of what our programs is all about. Here is a moderate framed, thick made, feminine female that may not be the biggest heifer but she is only a MARCH 2.  We purchased 99A at the Brylor Female sale and boy what a job she is doing.  We have incorporated her into our donor program and watch for her embryos in this sale.  If we did not have the mother this female would not be for sale.  This is a young female with mother cow written all over her.

She sells bred to Red Mar Mac Firststep 93F-2034200  Bred April 26- June 3  observed bred April 27. Preg checked to April 27 date.

Firststep was one of the high selling bulls in our 2019 Bull sale selling to Gordon Resources. Sired by Ripzone 89D who has left a phenomenal set of bulls and females. Firststep’s dam was the high selling female in the Sunset Ridge Dispersal and has done an excellent job at Mar Mac and heads into our ET program.



Mar Mac Basket of Embryos

Mar Mac has flushed in spring of 2019, three of their top donor females and are offering to you a package of 6 embryos 2 from each female. Guaranteeing two pregnancies if embryos are implanted by a licensed embryologist.  Embryos are stored at Davis Rairdan Embryo Transplant.  Embryos are able to be exported to United States, Australia, Europe and other countries if requested we will check into. Bryan Mackenzie heard the news we had flushed these females he suggested this combination basket of embryos.  Some extremely new genetics from some proven mother cows. Take advantage of this opportunity.


 Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z X Red Peak Dot Eliminator 596C

You will have to drive the wheels off your car to find a female with this much depth of body, ease of fleshing, femininity, moves like a cat and beautiful udder.

2013- Red Mar Mac Lady Trooper 114Z was awarded the Canadian Red Angus Show Female of the year. She is now a foundation female in their herd. At Red Roundup, Mar Mac Farms sold ½ interest in 114Z to Brylor Ranch as one of the High selling bred heifers and in 2015 one of her daughters was one of the high selling bred heifers at Red Roundup to Bullis Creek in Nebraska. Brylor and Mar Mac flushed Trooper and then Brylor sold his interest in Trooper 114Z to Dale McKay. In the first Mulberry Mayhem, Brylor sold a Trooper embryo female as one of the high sellers to Mar Mac Farms and Dale McKay. You should see her Franchise bull calf he will be one to watch for in the 2020 Mar Mac Bull Sale.  Her Mulberry son sold to Manitoba Red Angus Breeders Denbie Ranch.  You cannot have enough Trooper 114Z influence in your program. In 2019 we used the Red Peak Dot Eliminator bull and had exciting results, moderate birth weights and lots of performance, they will be features at the 2020 Bull Sale.

Lady Trooper along with Eliminator cross is very exciting for the Red Angus industry with this proven maternal strength and being able to incorporate such greats such as Pioneer 7301, Iron Mountain 8066, Predominant 4438 and Eliminator 9105 into red hided progeny. You could get your next outcross herd sire from this mating.


 Red LMP Bonita 65X X Red TR Little Deep 285B

Bonita was purchased from Brylor Ranch and she has sure made her mark at Mar Mac. She has sons working in the Klassen and Pederson herds.  Her daughter was the high selling female in the 2015 New Generation Female Sale for $ 24,000 to Dale McKay. 10D sold in the 2015 Red Roundup Sale to the McKay’s .104E is a full sister who sold in our 2018 New Generation Female Sale for $ 14,250. to Maya Angus, AB. Red Mar Mac Bonita 27F was Senior Heifer Calf Champion at Agribition and the High Selling Female in our 2018 New Generation Female Sale selling for $ 15,500 to Blairs.Ag.  Red Mar Mac Marshall 21F, a Capacity x Bonita son was High selling bull in the 2019 Mar Mac Bull Sale is working in the Brylor Ranch and Mar Mac Farms programs. One day while at Bow Valley Genetics we were impressed with this Red Angus sire Little Deep. This thick made, massive beef bull we acquired some semen from RSL Red Angus. Here is a sire that should cross well with the Bonita female. Exciting opportunity here.


 Red Brylor Mrs Young 99A X Red RRA One and Only 733  

When the Brylor Female sale catalog came out 99A caught our eye from the start. Here was a young female, excellent profile, thick made and feminine.  Melissa went to the sale and was lucky enough Red Brylor Mrs Young 99A to be the winning bidder for $13,000. 99A has not let us down.  Her son at Brylor was a feature in their bull sale. Her first female sells in this sale 137F and we have a Ripzone son that will be in the Bull Sale 2020.

One and Only impressed us when we saw him at Bow Valley Genetics and this outcross pedigree on the top side and his depth of body and capacity was impressive. A chance to get some new outcross genetics from outstanding maternal genetics.

Mar Mac Bull Sale

Mar Mac Farms & Guests Bull Sale

MARCH 11, 2020  |  Brandon, Manitoba

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